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Drawings and paintings that celebrate imperfection.

"I draw the way I navigate through life: With a leap of faith and without an eraser, embracing the raw outcome, flaws and all." says artist, Cindi Zimmerman. "Life isn't perfect, and neither is my art. That's what makes it all so interesting."

Using the Blind Contour drawing technique, the artist never looks down at her paper, locking her eyes only on her subject, while committing to a single line by never lifting her pen. The result is an engaging reflection of the energy and humanity of each subject, with a wonkiness that’s wonderfully relatable --- Irreverent homages to life's challenges, human flaws, and resilience.

“They’re not traditional portraits, but for me the flawed faces have a freshly re-defined sense of ‘realism’. Each one speaks some truth,” says Zimmerman.

Find the piece that speaks to you: Drawings, large inks, mashups, and mixed media creations are available.